About Me:

Software Engineer & Consultant from Dallas, TX

Hey – I’m Jordan.

I’m a self-made entrepreneur that has built several successful businesses over the past few years. I’m really passionate about building cool (and useful) software. I want to connect with new people and use my skills to enable other entrepreneurs to make their dreams a reality. 


Some happy clients.

Just getting into the selling on Amazon business- Jordan seems like a great asset in sharing his knowledge with others.
"This is a great service and it saves a lot of time and can get me going faster"
"Great guy, Just found him on the net and wish I had years ago."

FAST, at a very reasonable price. Very impressive.


Some companies and projects I've created or worked on.


Analytics and tool suite for eCommerce businesses.

Built with MERN stack.

MM Academy

Full funnel launch doing 5 figures in 24 hours.

Built with ClickFunnels.

RC Controller App

Android app for controlling an RC car via bluetooth.

Built with Java.

Expression AI

Artificial Intelligence that can detect facial expressions.

Built with Python.

Break the Rainbow

Musical android phone game about connecting colors.

Built with Java.


Let's build something together!

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